WHO WE ARE: A Global Information Technology and Medical KPO Company

We empower people and businesses across the globe. Our vision is to be a global leader in information technology, medical research and medical informatics through collaboration and innovation.


Eternus Global Company is made up of expert medical professionals who have the vision of global leadership through collaboration and innovation.

Chief Executive Officer: Lax Mariyappan, MSc

Managing Director: Marie Gabrielle Laguna-Bedia MD, DIM, FPCP

Director of Business Development: Eddie Bedia MD

1. Lax MariappanLakshmanan Mariappan, MSc

 CEO and CTO

Mr. Lax Mariappan leads the web development and design team of Eternus Global, which is composed of young and promising junior developers and junior designers. He handles the team using Agile methodology.

Lax has worked for many years in the analysis and development of web applications and web services in PHP and MySQL as a Senior Developer and Software Engineer. He is the author of a plugin in WordPress, the Facebook Feed FBF plugin which was downloaded for more than 60,000 times in wordpress.org. He graduated from MSc in Bioinformatics in GRD College of Sciences in Coimbatore, India after finishing his B.S. Microbiology degree. His expertise lies in ecommerce development (Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento), PHP, WordPress, Drupal web development and biomedical research. He has proven abilities in dynamic websites using PHP/MySQL, Joomla!, Drupal,WordPress, CSS, HTML, AJAX, XML, JSON, jQuery and JavaScript.

Also a talented technical  writer and a medical researcher, he serves as one of the writers and editors of Scriptus Medical Research (www.scriptusmedicalresearch.com), a medical informatics news site.  He is also a co-author of a Philippine pharmacology textbook, “Pharmacology for Allied Health Professions”. He is now dedicating  his time towards health informatics, biostatistics and medical/pharmaceutical writing and research. In his free time he likes to read entrepreneurial books, go to the beach and write fiction.

Curriculum Vitae: M Lakshmanan

LinkedIn Account: Lax Mariappan

WordPress Stack Exchange: Laskhmanan PHP

Stack Overflow: Lakshmanan PHP

WordPress: Lakshmanan PHP

Silicon India: Lakshmanan PHP

Twitter: Lakshmanan PHP

Blogs: www.laxmariappan.com , Lakshmanan’s Blog


Marie Gabrielle Laguna Bedia MD, FPCP

Managing Director

Dr. Marie Bedia is in charge of digital marketing strategy for all clients and in-house projects of Eternus Global. She trains the young and talented SEO specialists of Eternus Global in white hat SEO techniques, on and off page optimization, keyword research and content marketing.

Marie is a board-certified internist, a certified professional digital marketing consultant (UK), and a Thought Leader in Health Informatics. She has 20 years of experience in print copywriting and 15 years of experience in website content writing. She has worked for more than a hundred businesses around the world for copywriting and SEO.  As she has worked previously as a researcher for some clinical trials, she is the author of a college textbook, “Pharmacology for Allied health Professions, First Edition”. She also serves as an editorial consultant for Medical Observer Philippines. Dr. Marie started writing for print magazines in 1997 (at 17 years old) and started writing SEO content in 2003 for one of the oldest ecommerce websites around the world that existed since 1996. She is also the proprietor of Meds at Sea Pharmacy and Distribution and is a medical consultant for some government and private hospitals in Iloilo.

Curriculum Vitae: Dr. Laguna MG

LinkedIn Account: Marie Gabrielle Laguna MD FPCP

GitHub: DrProgammerGabs

Twitter: @docprogrammer

Blog: The Doctor Programmer  Quora: Marie Gabrielle Laguna

Eddie V. Bedia, M.D.

Director of Business Development

Dr. Bedia is a physician and a seasoned businessman with many years of experience in retail, distribution, pharma, petrochemicals, automotive sales and agricultural businesses. He serves as a business consultant and a gasoline station dealer for 4 gasoline stations in Western Visayas  under SEAOIL Philippines. He also owns a commercial vehicle-selling business. He is the owner of GEB Business Management and Consultancy Services and provides business advice and provides direction to the company in accordance with its business goals. He graduated his Bachelor of Science in Biology at University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, Philippines, his Doctor of Medicine degree at Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine in Iloilo, Philippines and his post-graduate internship at Iloilo Doctors Hospital. In his free time he does professional shooting and is a car/vehicle geek.


Eternus Global Co. is an Philippines IT Outsourcing Company and Medical KPO that supports the business growth of medical and scientific companies around the world. It does this by building online presence and using targeted marketing towards specific audiences such as patients, physicians, health care professionals, scientists, engineers and other technical professionals.

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is defined as “a form of outsourcing where knowledge and information related work is carried out by a different company to save costs or resources. In contrast to manufacturing outsourcing, this usually involves high-value work carried out by highly skilled staff, for example research, development, analysis and consultancy.”


We build responsive websites that cater to the needs of your target users. Our websites are mobile friendly, credible, safe, secure, search engine-optimized and can clearly communicate your business vision and goals.


Writing is both an art and a skill. Whether it is for academic, business or entertainment purposes, our writing is clear, straightforward, powerful, focused and compelling.


Our team is composed of experts in their respective medical and technical fields who all have qualities of good researchers: interest, motivation, inquisitiveness, commitment, sacrifice, excellence, knowledge, recognition, scholarly approach, and integration.


Our client support team is always ready to handle your inquiries and concerns through our Toll-free number, Skype, web contact form and web chat portal. We are always within your reach.


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