Marie Gabrielle Laguna-Bedia MD, MSc, FPCP

Internal Medicine/ Adult Medicine Specialist and Clinical Researcher for Drug and Food Trials

Certified Professional Digital Marketing Consultant, Copywriter and App Developer

Diplomate and Fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians and Member, American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Main author of two textbooks (Pharmacology for Allied Health Professions First Edition (2017) and Essentials of Medical Terminology (2018))



 Medical Practice:

Visiting Consultant in Internal Medicine, Iloilo Doctors Hospital and Medical Center, Iloilo City Philippines (June 2013 to present) – An ISO-certified private tertiary hospital

Visiting Consultant in Internal Medicine, Don Jose Monfort Medical Center Extension Hospital, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, Philippines (April 2013 to present)- An ISO-certified government hospital

Visiting Consultant in Internal Medicine, Ramon Duremdes District Hospital, Dumangas, Iloilo, Philippines (June 2013 to present) – A district hospital

Writing and Information Technology

Co-Founder/Managing Director, Eternus Global Company Ltd (, an IT outsourcing company specializing in web development, software development, ecommerce, SEO and writing.

Editorial Consultant, Medical Observer Philippines (2015 to present), a medical magazine that won the 2014 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards by Mosman NewMedia, Philippines


CEO, Gebix Pharma Marketing, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, Philippines (July 2012 to present) – a hospital-based drugstore and pharmaceutical distribution company (wholesaler)

Owner, GEB Pharma Drugmart, Pototan, Iloilo, Philippines (March 2015 to present)—a community drugmart


2018 to present: Master in Community Health, Benguet State University

2011: Masters of Science in Pharmacology, University of the Philippines Manila College of Medicine

2006-2009: Residency Training in Internal Medicine, Iloilo Doctors Hospital and Medical Center

2005-2006: Post Graduate Internship, Iloilo Doctors Hospital and Medical Center

2001-2005: Doctor of Medicine, Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine

1996- 2000: B. S. Medical Technology/ Clinical Laboratory Science, University of San Agustin


2017: Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing, IMarketer Training London, UK


 Writing and Web Development Experience:

1997-2001: Contributing writer/novelist, Yuhum Magazine, Iloilo City, Philippines (at 17 years old)

1998-2001: Editor-in-Chief, the Augustinian newspaper, the official student publication of University of San Agustin, Iloilo, Philippines

1998-2001: Editor-in-Chief, the Pharmakeia, the official magazine of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology, University of San Agustin, Iloilo, Philippines

2003-2004: Associate Editor-in-Chief, Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine official student publication

2003-2006: Content writer/SEO copywriter (ecommerce),, USA

2007-2009: Content developer/researcher, PSC Distribution LLC, New York, USA

2009-2010: Medical writer/ Content Developer, Rowley Associates, UK

2010: Content Writer, Absolute PT Ltd, UK

2010-2011: Content Writer/SEO specialist, Andnel Pty Ltd, Australia

2011: Drug Testing Researcher, Ross Industries (USA)

2011-present: Content Developer, Smart Selections, Saudi Arabia

2011-2013: Copywriter, Advanced Heart Care, USA

2011: Content writer, Agile SEO, Australia

2011: Content writer/ SEO specialist, JR Global Marketing, Malaysia

2011: Health Article Writer, Web Promotion Now, USA

2011-2012: Medical writer, Gderme, Switzerland

2012: Copywriter, IM Directions, Australia

2012: Content writer, Keyword Solutions, Canada

2012: Copywriter (Provider Care Technology), Proclaim Inc, USA

2012-2013: Medical Content Writer, Chula Vista Marketing, USA

2012: Medical Ebook Writer, The Beach Bum, Australia

2012: Content Writer, 34 Sites, UK

2012-2015: SEO/ Content Writer, Sublime Web Design, Australia

2012: Article Writer, Leaf Productions, Israel

2012-2013: SEO specialist/ Medical Writer, Healthy Times Magazine, Singapore

2012: Medical Marketing Writer, Medigroup Inc, Australia

2012: Content writer, Retina Consulting SRL, Romania

2012: Content Developer,, Germany

2012: Medical Consultant, BuhayOFW, Philippines

2013-2014: Content writer, ClinOps Toolkit, USA

2013: Medical Editor, MSC Memorial Cancer Center, Poland

2013: Medical writer, Dalmon Enterprises, UK

2013: Content Writer, Somnowell Ltd, UK

2013: Medical Writer, Total Body Contouring, USA

2013: Market Researcher, Fronis Group, USA

2013: Medical Writer, Health Investments, Australia

2013: Content developer, SuperSmartHealth, USA

2014: Content developer,, UK

2014: Blog and article writer, PillPack, UK

2015-2016: Content Software Developer, Health Navigator Inc, USA

2015-2016: Medical Consultant, AS Research LLC

2015: Content writer, Natural Choice Medical Clinic, Canada

2015-2016: SEO Consultant, Synoris Technologies, India

2015: Content writer, Willow Services, USA

2015-2017: Peer Reviewer, Web Designer, KEI Journals, USA

2016: Health and Nutrition Writer, LumenLab, Singapore

2016: Researcher, MFI, USA

(more projects available upon request)

Previous Medical Experience:

2010- January 2012: Clinical Research Physician/ Investigator, INA Research Philippines, Manila (A Japanese Contract Research Organization specializing in Phase 0-IV research)

2010: Medical Officer, Taguig City Hospital, Taguig City, Metro Manila

2010: Medical Officer, Lubang District Hospital, Occidental Mindoro

2006-2009: Resident Physician in Internal Medicine, Iloilo Doctors Hospital and Medical Center


Philippine Medical Technology Licensure Exams, March 2001

Philippine Physician Licensure Exams, August 2006

Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine (Diplomate) Exams, January 2013


Philippine College of Physicians (PCP)

Philippine Medical Association (PMA)

Philippine Society of General Internal Medicine (PSGIM)

World Society of Anti-aging Medicine (WOSIAM)


Third Place, Rizal National Essay writing competition, Manila (1998)

Most Promising Feature and Editorial writer, Philippine Information Agency Region 6 (1997)

Achiever’s award for Excellence in Journalism, University of San Agustin (1998, 2000), Iloilo City

Gold medalist, Editorial writing, COPRE (1998), Region VI, Philippines

Bronze medalist, Feature Writing, English, COPRE (1997), Region VI, Philippines

Bronze Medalist, Editorial Writing, English, COPRE (1999), Region VI, Philippines

Editor in Chief of The Augustinian (1998-2000)

Assistant Editor in Chief, Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine (2005)


Full University Scholar, University of San Agustin, B. S. Medical Technology (1997-2000)


Author, Pharmacology for Allied Health Professionals, 2016 (textbook for college students) published by APD Educational Publishing House, Manila, Philippines

Author, Essentials of Medical Terminology 2018 (textbook for college students) published by APD Educational Publishing House, Manila Philippines

Peer Reviewer, Medical Research Archives (MRA) — an international scientific peer-reviewed journal by KEI Journals (, 340 S Lemon Ave #7750 Walnut CA 91789 USA)

Author, Abstract on Dementia Roadmap (ebook), 2015 (For Care Homes UK)

Medical Writer, Healthy Times Singapore magazine, 2013 ( – a lifestyle magazine from Singapore available on print, online and mobile apps

Author, Natural Secrets to Healthy Hair and Scalp (ebook), 2009 (for Rowley Associates UK)

Reviewer, The Back Pain Diet: The Revolutionary New Approach Proven to Work by Dean, Brian MS RD (New York, 2008)