offshore software development

Offshore Software Development

Developers and software consultants are in demand nowadays. From building mobile apps, custom software development to database design and redesigning user experience on websites or making businesses stay at the top of their game, everybody needs code. This is why we can say that software engineers and software consultants are the kings nowadays because their role are coders are every important. We need top coders for software development services and only a good software programmer can provide such service for custom software development. This is were the need for offshore software development comes in.

If you are a startup business owner and you need developers and software consultants, you will be facing a challenge. The best developers and engineers can come with expensive prices and great perks. This is why big tech companies offering software development services are providing them with these things to keep them happy. As a startup, you want to stand out in tech and business– but how can you stand out amidst Google, Facebook and Twitter? Hiring a good software programmer can be an added expense to your startup company. This is why you should outsource for custom software development

But if you think that great developers, software consultants and engineers can work with you if you just provide them with six-figure salaries and gourmet lunches, you’re wrong. The secret to build a great developer team does not lie in all these perks.

So how can you hire great developers at a fraction of the price? The answer lies in offshore software development. Yes, you can hire great remote software programmers from India and the Philippines. One such custom software development company that can provide you with great developers, designers and engineers is Eternus Global Outsourcing Solutions. We provide offshore software development solutions around the world for a fraction of your usual costs. Our developers have created top quality software design and database design for many clients around the world. A software programmer working with us in custom software development is usually screened in terms of qualifications, capabilities and experience.

If you want to stand out against your big competitors in terms of custom software development and web development, here are some tips on hiring software programmers.

Hiring Rule #1: Take Your Time

Take your time and don’t rush in selecting the best software programmer doing software design or database design. If you hire class A developers, they will recommend other class A developers to you because these are the people who want to work with the best. However, if you hire Class B developers, they will recommend developers with lower quality of work than them becase they want to look better by comparison.

So, dont ever rush and fill your slots with B or C level developers. So the tip is to hire slowly. Start with a A-developer. Hire a top software programmer after a rigorous screening process like a series of tests to measure his or her abilities. Let them do database design or software design by themselves. Then offer a contract like two weeks to try out their abilities before you hire them for software development services.

Hiring Rule #2: Dont Hire A Rockstar

A truly world-class development team does not need a single superstar. The best software design or database design is created by teams composed of top people, not by a rockstar software programmer and a bunch of newbie programmers. Great software is built by people with individual strengths of their own. This is why you should hire a team of A-programmers. To lessen costs you should hire a top software programmer from reputable offshore custom software development companies such as Eternus Global Outsourcing Solutions. Our web development team is made up of experienced top developers with years of experience working for companies around the world needing custom software development company services.

Hiring Rule #3: Go for Fresh Talent and Not On the Number of Years They Stayed With You

Its a fact that talented people wont stay long with your company. Top talent will always move on to better companies and opportunities and may even start out on their own. Thus capitalize on their talent but don’t prevent them from leaving.

The problem with this is that if you lose one team member you are bothered again to look for a replacement, and this can be time and energy consuming. Whereas, if you hire an offshore software development company, if ever a programmer leaves us, we will find another programmer with the same capabilities and experience as the one who had left. As a custom software development company, wee do the hiring and selection for you and you’re guaranteed to work with the best.

Hiring Rule #4: The Secret To becoming Big Is Actually Being Small

 Being a small company actually has its perks. You can actually have less expenditures and hire less people. And you have the option of outsourcing from offshore software development companies to fill you IT needsРwithout breaking your budget.

Eternus Global Outsourcing Solutions is a software development company that contracts web development, data entry and writing projects around the world for freelance and full-time IT professionals, writers and virtual assistants based in the Philippines and India.

As a custom software development company, we support the business growth of companies around the world by providing high quality information technology development, writing, research and consultancy services at cheaper rates. It also provides jobs and helps augment income of talented professionals in India and the Philippines. It trains them to be globally competitive professionals. Our talented workforce has the option to WORK FROM HOME.

As of present time, Eternus Global Company has contracted more than a hundred projects around the world.
Eternus Global Outsourcing Solutions aims to be at the forefront of our industry in bringing high quality yet affordable information technology solutions around the world as a custom software development company. We aim to be a top-supplier of low-cost information technology services to small to big businesses around the world as an offshore software development company.

Integrity and good customer service is important to us. We mix professionalism and experience with quality software and services as a top offshore software development company.

Technology solutions need not be expensive. Eternus Global Outsourcing software development company offers affordable yet quality web development, offshore software development, creative design, writing, marketing and pharma regulatory services for companies around the world. Contact us now to get started!